ORION is the One day National level Technical Symposium organized by Association of Computer Applications, Kongu Engineering College. This is our 20th Symposium. Orion is Group of stars that will shine themselves and give light to the entire globe.

The Association of Computer Applications includes various student clubs like info, creative, technical and communication club. Student can involve themselves and explore their talents through these association activities. Students can leverage their talents like leadership, team building and organizational skills taking this as a platform.

As a part of the association activity ORION is the National level Technical Symposium, we made arrangements to participate the outside students of other institution through this symposium and to build a concrete bonding among them to share their technical and non technical exposure.

The Prizes are awarded for the winners in each event and the highest point won by the college in the various events is awarded with Orion Trophy.

This symposium started in 1998 as an amalgamation of many technical and entrepreneurship events held during the fest, including Paper Presentation, Tech Bug, Quiz, Googling, Talent Show, etc. The focus of ORION is to enhance the Technical and Managerial Skills of students to being a facilitator.

It is held for One day and has consistently attracted participants from Southern part of India.

Resposible Members

Association of Computer Applications.


Assistant Proffesor of MCA.


Gokul S

Secretary of MCA.


Jeevanantham P

Additional Secretary of MCA.


Sabarigirinathan S

Join Secretary of MCA.